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In an effort to start blogging more, I am posting a short list of a bunch of my favorite things. Hopefully this list will serve as a way to short-circuit your understanding of my personality and give you some other great content to consume. This list will be updated every month or so, when I find new things I love. If you want to stay updated feel free to follow the RSS feed, and if you have any suggestions feel free to email me at

Blog Posts

Gregory Gundersen - Why I Keep a Research Blog

This post was the initial inspiration for me to start writing a lot more. I realized after reading this that I was beginning to use writing as a method of working out my thoughts. There is a difference between knowing something, and knowing something so well you can explain it.

John Salvatier - Reality has a surprising amount of detail

A post initially about building a ladder, that becomes a framework for empathizing with the world around you. Remember that everything is more complicated that it seems, never assume simplicity.

The Codeless Code

A series of short stories, amusing anecdotes about software design told from the perspective of monks. Always worth a read if you are into software design and bad jokes.



A magazine that dives deep into different areas of science by providing Story driven perspectives from different professionals in the field.

Quanta Magazine

A bit more on the technical side, Quanta publishes articles about Physics, Mathematics and Computer science.

Books / Films

Speaker For The Dead

Speaker For The Dead

A sequel to the much more popular Enders Game, although it does not share much with the original story. Taking place about 3,000 years after the events of Enders Game, the book touches on linguistics, colonization and empathy.

Speaker For The Dead


Similar to Speaker for the Dead, this movie uses the setting of a new Alien race to explore linguistics and empathy. I seriously enjoy a good story that captures the difficulty of communicating with “the other”.




As a long time Chrome user I am here to tell you: Firefox is finally good again. If you haven’t used it recently, download it again and support a freer internet.



Seriously the best app you can have on your phone. Delete the Reddit app and use that time to learn a new language the easy way.



Shameless self promotion time. An app I built to make it easier to customize your Apple watch. The only app that allows you to quickly write code that updates your Apple Watch.


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