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Work Experience

Mark One Lifestyle - Software Developer - 2014 - Current - Responsibilities included:

  • Designing and developing Android Application for Vessyl product
  • Designing and developing iOS Application for Vessyl product
  • Designing and developing Web backend for Vessyl product

Apple - Software Intern on OS Services Team - 2013-2014 - Responsibilities included:

  • Year Two (2014)
    • Designed / Developed REST API and Web Frontend to help visualize bug reports
    • REST API Backend designed to allow easy interchange of Frontends
    • Developed primarily in Node.js
  • Year One (2013)
    • Designed / Developed tool to help test OS Application
    • Tool was based primarily in Objective C along with some C
    • Tool required knowledge of Rails in order to properly simulate a device connecting to the application

RIT - Lab Technician - 2012-13 School Year - Responsibilities included:

  • Lab security and hardware maintenance
  • Generic tutoring and assisting students with computer related problems

Aertight Systems - Intern - Summer of 2011 and 2012 - Responsibilities included:

  • In store tech support: Repairing customers computers
  • Starting and Managing the company’s in-store recycling system
  • Occasionally heading off-site to assist off-site technicians

InstallNET - Software Tester/Writer Intern - Summer of 2011 - Responsibilities included:

  • Doing system testing on internal management software
  • Creating scripts to make project managing task’s easier (VB)

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