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Why I started a Blog

Ask anyone I know they will all tell you that I love to argue. An argument is a collaborative search for better truth. I will gladly engage in an conversation about “What makes something a salad?” if you are willing to argue in good faith.

For me, writing is like arguing with yourself. By forcing your ideas onto paper, you are taking the foggy idea in your head, and giving it a logical structure. It forces you to be specific about your thoughts, and through that specificity you can view it from different perspectives and change your mind.

Professionally, I write a lot. I am a lead engineer on my team and as such it is often my job to meticulously detail design decisions so that we can remember the choices we made when we inevitably realize that we misunderstood the requirements. This has lead to me developing a process for designing new systems (more on this in a later essay) that has quickly become the way I work out most of the ideas in my head.

Personally, I write a lot. Now that I am in the habit of using writing to think, it is hard to think any other way. I keep a long list of notes about all of interesting articles, ideas, and conversations I have experienced and what I took away (more on this in a later essay). I find writing to be a cathartic way to get thoughts out of my head and free up space for thinking about card games.

Publicly, I will now be writing a lot. On this blog I will be posting once a week. For now every other week will be dedicated to my Unwritten Coding Standards series and the off weeks will be dedicated to random things like this. I hope that I will find topics that are interesting enough to start conversations. I pledge to do my best to explain my ideas and to change my mind if presented with a better argument.

You should start one too. Maybe for my reasons, maybe for your own, it’s important that we do our part to keep the internet decentralized. If you need any help getting set up, or write anything you want me to read, feel free to reach out.

If you want to stay up to date on my posts, feel free to follow my RSS feed. I will also be keeping an email list, where I will personally email you with every new post and a short summary.