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One-to-Many Relationships in CouchDB

Recently I have been playing around a lot with CouchDB, and one of the more challenging aspects of it is understanding the map/reduce functions on views.

This is how I handle a One-to-Many foreign key between different types of objects.

The data is set up as follows:
And here is the map/reduce function that I use to retrieve a person and their pets:
function( doc ) {
    if( doc.type === "person" )
        emit( [doc._id, 0], doc );
    if( doc.type === "pet" )
        emit( [owner, 1], doc );
function( keys, values ) {
    var person = { _id: null, pets: [] }
    for( var value in values ) {
        var cur = values[ value ];
        if( cur.type === "user" ) {
            person._id = cur._id;
        if( cur.type === "pet" ) {
            person.pets.push( cur );
    return person;

Now just make sure that you query your view with a group_level of 1, and it should return to you a user object with an array pets.

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